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  • – Istoric Al Tainelor Resetarii Monedei Globale –

    7.iunie.2022       1. În 1913, Congresul SUA a votat în secret pentru a permite unei noi bănci private, Rezerva Federală (FED), să imprime bani pentru Trezoreria SUA în conformitate cu Legea Rezervei Federale din 1913.      2. Numai FED i se va permite să aibă autoritate monetară globală deplină asupra restului lumii.      3. În timpul întrunirii […]

  • JOACHIM BARTOLL: “More Baby Formula Programming as 33 Million Bottles Heading for the U.S. — And the ‘Gerber Baby’ Artist Dead on Same Day”

    The actor playing the demented President Biden announced on Friday that his administration had ‘secured’ a Freemasonic tribute of ‘33’ million bottles of infant formula from the satanic GMO-company Nestlé. This deal means that a total of 127 million bottles of dangerous chemical-ridden food-replacement are currently on their way to the U.S. As for the […]

  • LISA RENEE: “Belial Sun Annunaki Agenda”

    “What are the primary goals and methods used by the NAA and Power Elite in their quest to fulfill the Luciferian Covenant and install the New World Order, a totalitarian and dystopian nightmare of consciousness enslavement? Many people still believe that the current state of world suffering, poverty, disease and violence was created accidentally, and […]

  • The Legacy Project

    “Whomever you meet, instruct him on the teachings of Krishna. In this way, on My order, become a spiritual master and deliver the people of this country.” (Chaitanya Charitamrita, Madhya 7.128) Download this episode (right click and save) यारे देख, तारे कह ऽकृष्णऽ-उपदेश आमार आज्ञाय गुरु हञा तारऽ एइ देश yāre dekha, tāre kaha ‘kṛṣṇa’-upadeśa… […]

  • Episode # 316 – Vidura fails to convince King Dhridiraashtra –  A decisive step towards disaster!!!

    In the previous episode, we had witnessed King Dhridiraashtra giving instructions to Vidura to call Yudishtra and Co. for playing the game of gambling (Dyutham) versus Duryodhana and Sahuni. As Vidura heard these orders from King Dhridiraashtra, he was confused upon two accounts – Firstly, this was one of the first instances wherein King Dhridiraashtra […]

  • The Portal: The Apocalypse

  • Episode # 315 – “Gambling would lead to a great disaster” – Vidura sternly warns King Dhridiraashtra!!!

    In the previous episode, we had witnessed a turning point wherein King Dhridiraashtra is slowly getting carried away by the “Putra-Vaatsalya”, thanks to Duryodhana’s emotional “victim card”! Duryodhana was dead against King Dhridiraashtra consulting with Vidura to give the “go-ahead” for the gambling game to take place. He shed tears and gave an emotionally damaging […]

  • Time Turning Into Your Friend

    “In the childhood form, wearing nice jewelry and clothing, He plays in the dirt and His limbs become full of dust. With child-like speech, Rama plays with all the brothers and children.” (Dohavali, 117) Download this episode (right click and save) बाल बिभू।सन बसन बर धूरि धूसरित अंग | बालकेलि रघुबर करत बाल बन्धु सब… […]

  • JOACHIM BARTOLL: “Biden Calls for ‘Ban on Assault Weapons’ While Flanked by 56 Candles in Jesuit Ritual”

    “And there we have it. All those staged and fake shootings of this year is fueling the agenda to disempower the people of the United States, to strip them of all rights and the little freedom that is still left. So, on June 2, the Jesuit puppet Joe Biden, or whomever is playing the role […]

  • – Ursula a anunțat noua Lege a microcipurilor : „nu există digitalizare fără cipuri ” –

    3.iunie.2022 Președinta Comisiei Europene, Ursula von der Leyen, a anunțat noua lege europeană privind cipurile într-un discurs special pentru Agenda Davos. Legea urmărește creșterea producției de microcipuri pe continent, ca răspuns la cererea în creștere și reducerea dependenței de furnizorii din afara Europei. „Nevoia europeană de cipuri se va dubla în următorul deceniu”, a explicat […]

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