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Vasectomy, Mount Bucegi and others – MiniTopics with Gosia (Taygeta – Pleiades) – 14.Nov.2021  Blessings again, to Cristian Ceancă for translating the material …  Vaccine samples Gosia : It’s a shame we couldn’t share it a few months earlier because maybe we could have saved more people before we were vaccinated? Anéeka: I didn’t have the data I have now. Gosia : Why did Alenym send Hashmallim only now? Anéeka : The fact that they took placebo last year delayed everything, but that was part of the controllers’ plan, that’s why I’m placebo. We were not “allowed” to maneuver warships by the Federation. We have to go through the flight plans all the time. So Hashmallim had to go down in danger to confiscate 3 branded samples. Gosia : Looks like the Federation knew that then, so it tried to keep you away. And the tractor beam? Anéeka: They didn’t “let” us get close enough to use it. All that constant confusion on the part of the Federation for me is proof that they are accomplices. Also, the fact that nanographs must be manufactured with a replicator device capable of generating matter from energy, because each of them is made up of individual atoms organized in a crystalline form that can only be obtained with a high-tech device. Gosia : I think, what you said in a conversation with Robert, I don’t remember where, that maybe they think that in order for “the Earth to ascend” it is necessary to get a lot of people out of here. Anéeka : Yes, that’s what Kabbalah says and it is reflected in the position of the Federation, they see no other option to save the Earth than to eliminate 95% of the human population. I see another option, they don’t. She always justifies being either the planet or the people. Ce altă variantă? Reorganizați întreaga structură politică și de putere a întregii lumi cu rase empatice ca mentori. Dar pentru asta Cabala și toți șobolanii umflați care o compun trebuie să renunțe la putere. Și asta nu își doresc. Deci NU este un scenariu al Pământului sau al oamenilor, ci un scenariu al oamenilor sau al elitei, așa că mergeți pentru oameni. Asta este ceea ce este intolerabil. Fibre care cad din cer Anéeka: Acele fibre sunt compuși chimici ai pistelor chimice care se lipesc prin legăturile lor chimice, dar componenta principală a acestor fibre este nanografenul în stare cristalină, de aceea nu arată negru. Practic, este nano grafen care transportă o cantitate imensă de particule de alte lucruri care variază de la un loc la altul. Facebook – Meta – Name change Robert : What does it mean that Facebook is now called Meta? Anéeka : Hmm … Meta = beyond, end. META = the name of a British intelligence organization in the 1980s that collected information about the population, especially the female population around the world, and worked in collaboration with Mi6. He collected information. Robert: And you don’t know what else might be behind this stuff on FB? Anéeka : I feel that it can be a maneuver to clean up Facebook’s fame, because in recent years she has been accused of many things. The human mentality is very simple, with a simple name change, their simple psychology gives them the idea that everything is different, that it is not Facebook, which the name already denotes something murky to begin with: Face Book or a book full of faces. = collection and list of subscribers’ personal information. META, I see it as they chose it not as “end”, but as META from its Greek roots, “beyond”. That is, beyond Facebook. According to Google, META also means ” more comprehensive or transcendent .” It seems like a shadow to me from Google, because I’ve never seen that definition for the word META, which is well known and studied by me for its connections in information circles. It seems to me to be put there to give meaning to the new name of Facebook, as to give this to the population as the meaning of the word META when it is Greek which simply means “beyond”. Robert: Unless it’s the initials of something like FB. Who knows what that might mean. Anéeka: Yes, Gringo’s love anachronisms. As MAD = Mutual Assured Destruction, as in the case of the deployment of nuclear weapons on both sides, Russia and the USA. And MAD also means angry. Robert: What does “metavers” mean? Anéeka: Mixture of Greek META and VERSO or “word” or “paragraph” in Latin, which means “beyond the word”. Vasectomy Anéeka: I do not recommend it because it causes medium and long term disorders in the male body, including strong autoimmune reactions and also atheromatous plaques and hardening of arteries and clogging of arteries and blood vessels, as well as their accumulation in the brain that triggers dementia and strokes and serious and fatal cardiovascular events. And this on Earth, because we don’t do that here. It takes years for the problem to build up. The problem that NO ONE tells you on Earth is the one I described above. The problem is that since there is no castration, only cutting the sperm channels, the testicles continue to produce millions of sperm a day. But they can’t find an outlet because the system was designed from the beginning. So the only way the testicles can get rid of the huge production is through blood flow. The problem is that sperm is not a normal cell that can degrade or dissolve like other cells and can be eliminated by the kidneys. Sperm are an armored cell with a protective coating or a hard cell membrane that does not dissolve, resembling an exoskeleton. This causes sperm to accumulate throughout the body gradually and progressively and will accumulate in key or problematic places,such as the weaknesses of the cardiovascular system precisely in the carotid arteries that go to the brain and the ventricles of the heart and lung vessels. Then the body begins to see them as an invading cell because it causes problems and will have an immune response to sperm. This is an autoimmune response because it develops antibodies to a cell that contains its own DNA, 11 chromosomes. Causing autoimmune diseases that can present as severe allergies to any kind of disabling nature. As the sperm accumulates over time, it will stick to the arteries and the body will try to isolate it using cholesterol, which will build up in the fragile parts of the blood vessels and this cholesterol cannot be removed because it is blocked with millions of sperm, creating clogging of blood vessels, which eventually, decades after vasectomy, will cause myocardial infarction, dementia and death. Gosia : So if it’s reversible, is it appropriate to reverse it? Anéeka : Strictly speaking yes. And the damage will not be reversible but at least it will not increase. The body is designed to move sperm out, not contain it inside. It also has its problems such as cysts, infections and malignant tumors, but at least it has nothing to do with a heavy daily production of material that it cannot eliminate or leave the body. Mount Bucegi  Yazhi : Mount Bucegi. Below is a large DUMB, it was the Federation, it was about 5000 years old. It was almost intact, but in the last two decades Cabal Illuminati has emptied the place. It’s empty, but the DUMB remains. It is located under the Sphinx of the Carpathians. The sphinxes sometimes mark the entrances to the DUMB, as at Giza. Robert: But did Kabbalah empty it? Yazhi: Yes, and recently. Robert: Who made that Sphinx? Yazhi: The same people or a similar group with the same faith base as the sphinxes of Egypt, of which only one large remains. The one in Romania, in Bucegi is less old than the one in Egypt but it is much more damaged, especially due to the erosion of the site which is much larger than in Giza, but also due to the stone that was used in construction, it is more porous . Robert: Looks like there was a high level of technology. Yazhi: Yes, that’s why the Illuminati emptied it. There were computers, Mag-lev transports connecting to Giza, among other places like the Crimea, recovery rooms, an entire city down there with robotic guards.  Robert: Looks like there were tunnels connecting to Giza, as you say. Yazhi: Yes. And in the Crimea, not so far away. That is why Crimea is so disputed. It has a huge pyramid underground in a shallow intraterrestrial cavity. Robert: And are there more bases like that? Yazhi: Yes, there is another one south of Crimea. North of Yalta, but this is the nearest city, however there are other openings to that intra-land, also south of Crimea. I don’t remember if in the north. That intra-terrestrial place is very big down there. Robert : But everything is uninhabited, isn’t it? Yazhi : The intraterrestrial base, yes, is uninhabited, but how do we know? Someone else might already be there, someone from Kabbalah for sure. Every time something is discovered that could go against the official story and affect their narrative or reveal something about ancient technologies more advanced than modern ones, the Illuminati send their agents to the base.  Howard Carter . In 1924 he was sent to sweep Tutankhamun’s tomb. It was funded by the Rockefeller family. He was an Illuminati agent. Robert: And did they hide things or is everything on display in the museum in Cairo? Yazhi: Yes, of course, the Cairo Museum does not have the most important pieces, they are taken to the Vatican catacombs, and the most impressive, but normal, to the Museums in Paris / Louvre, London and USA New York and Washington DC as well as Michigan. Robert: Do you know something they discovered that they didn’t tell the public? Do you know what they took to the Vatican? That he was in that grave. Yazhi: I’m not sure, because there is no data. But what I can tell you is that Tutanhkamon had a dagger that is made of unearthly material. Only that dagger has obviously escaped the sweepers, because it is a simple dagger, but made of materials that are not found on Earth. And monoatomic gold vessels. Robert: Maybe it was a gift from someone stellar. Yazhi: Sure. I would venture to say that it could be of Urmah (Feline civilization) origin. It’s the same, only the lights change. The cover is different, I don’t know why. Obs . I recommend reading Radu Cinamar’s book series. Huge trees Gosia : “I would like to ask Yazhi about the people of Tartar and the big ancient trees of which we see only remains. What happened to the people of Tartar and the huge trees?” Yazhi : There were giant trees before the flood, they were destroyed at the change of poles, in all the planetary chaos. Some were deliberately cut, those who survived the flood. They were probably cut to reduce the frequency of the Earth. They even exist on other planets, in Erra so as not to go further. Gosia: Decrease the frequency? Did they keep her up? Just because they were giants or why? Yazhi: A tree is an etheric antenna, it brings life to Earth, receives radiation and makes the Earth, the material world with it. Trees are the Earth … its etheric brain interconnected, if you will. As was well explained in the movie Avatar. Gosia : Does it produce Earth? What do you want to say? Yazhi : I’m a nervous system for Earth. They are consciousness, they are half in the material world, half in the spirit world, manifesting the harsh reality as you know it there. A tree is life for Earth, the planet. And everything else on Earth manifests in a completely connected way. I’m talking about a flow in consciousness, a flow of awareness / gravity. Made up of all plants, especially trees. They are also made up of animals, but they all depend on each other. There is an interconnected system of flow of consciousness, as it should be. It should be because this is the design embedded in every cell of living things, even in DNA. Plants make the Earth live … plants make animals live, animals make other animals and the cycle goes to animals, strengthening and fertilizing the earth, which causes a higher growth of plants and, with a higher growth of plants, more animals who eat plants that feed carnivores that maintain a healthy number among plant eaters. Gosia : When you say that trees are half in the material world and half in the spiritual world, is it not the same for us? Or is it still different? Yazhi : In a way and from the conscious point of view of someone carefully in the material part. For explanatory purposes only. Actually, you know what I mean. Everything is spirit. Gosia : But I mean, are they more spiritual than … I don’t know, raspberries for example? DO TREES in particular perform this function? To produce the Earth and be its nervous system? Or all plant life? Yazhi : Raspberries are as spiritual as trees, but trees are larger in perception and do more work per unit than a raspberry. But all plant life does. Transforms minerals and energy radiation into life for everyone. Therefore, creating life from what appear to be lifeless substances. No animal can do that! Plants grow and form the basic elements of all life on a planet. Animals grow and live because of plants, all of them. Gosia: So, if you live in a place surrounded by trees, is it better for you than to live in a desert? Yazhi: The dynamics are different. When you are near trees, you are also near everything that goes with trees, birds, insects, other plants, all kinds of animals, water and everything that goes in the water. Everything that affects you, how you feel, how you think, because you are in a soup of energy, and that is ok and good especially with the trees in a forest. Even the elements of the forest. But in a desert … you’re still connected to the whole, to the planet in an etheric way, but you’re more objectively isolated than in a forest. That isolation makes you more easily aware of the limits of the self. Become more aware of who you are as an individual. Urging a different kind of spiritual awakening and experience than in a forest. So a desert promotes very intense spiritual epiphanies. Very much in the Self. Who the hell am I? I love desserts with all my heart! Especially because I have little desert in my life.That vast loneliness makes you aware of who you are! I roll my eyes. Gosia : The forest is too rich. Yazhi: Yes, to have such spiritual experiences, yes, the forest is too rich an environment, all full of stimuli, which floods your senses. It makes you connect to Earth, to the creatures that live there, as part of a community. While a desert promotes your sense of unity. Maybe I’m crazy, but if I were to live on Earth, I’d choose a desert. In a big way … it’s the best. The energy flowing in those places is immense, the vastness, the cold. The soft sound of sand crawling on the ground. I love that silence. Tartar Yazhi : Tartaria is a name that refers to a planetary civilization, but that name is only found on Earth, so I have no stellar references to ” Tartar ” in this part. Most likely it can be an alternative name for the Atlantean civilization or Atlantis given by someone else. Or the planetary civilization that preceded Atlantis, as I mentioned before, were 6 of them before, counting this one. But what is left of them is very shady, without details. The end

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