Day: October 19, 2021

  • REALLYGRACEFUL: „Is the Supply Chain Being Sabotaged?”

    WATCH VIDEO HERE! „Everything has been manipulated for many decades. The weather, the news, the schools, the workers, the wars, the parents, the kids, the food we eat and the technology, our thoughts, our freedom, our health. We are enslaved by a evil world government that wants world power and total control. Lord help us […]

  • How Do We Learn To Let Go Of Grudges

    “Tulsi says that one who has love for Rama should be friendly towards friends, renounce enmity with enemies, and be easy-going, simple in nature, quiet, and equally disposed towards all.“ (Dohavali, 93) Download this episode (right click and save) हित स्ॐ हित, रति राम स्ॐ, रिपु स्ॐ बैर बिहाउ | उदासीन सब स्ॐ सरल तुलसी… […]

  • Episode # 87 – How are the Paandavas and Bhagawan Krishna related to each other? An important accord!!!

    In the previous episode, we had completed our discussion on the long “Amsa-Avatarana-Parva”, which is one of the most important “Upa-Parvas” under the “Aadhi Parva”. We had witnessed in this Upa-Parva as to who all took birth as part of the “Chandra-Vamsa” and as which “Amsas”. With the brief discussion of Bhagawan Krishna’s divine incarnation […]

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