On Vaccinations


First thing – I want to avoid the usual line of arguing about it altogether and I will use two starting points to take the matter into an entirely different direction. First is Risiraja’s blog on how immune system can be explained in Vaisesika and second is Prahladananda Swami’s interview on Namarasa’s podcast. In this interview Maharaja raised a very important point but he did not develop it. I, on the other hand, can’t stop thinking about it every time the subject of vaccinations comes up.

The point is very simple – in Vedic science there is not principal difference between dealing with new ideas and eating. Both are “digested” by the same prana winds. When a new idea comes to us we first ingest it, we hear it with all the details, and then we digest it – we try to make sense of it in our own…

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By Badulescu Radu

I am very interested by extraordinarily spiritual things

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