Month: July 2021

  • भगवद् गीता विचार

    *|| भगवद् गीता विचार ||* संजय बोले- रणभूमि में शोक से उद्विग्न मन वाले अर्जुन इस प्रकार कहकर, बाणसहित धनुष को त्यागकर रथ के पिछले भाग में बैठ गए ॐ तत्सदिति श्रीमद्भगवद्गीतासूपनिषत्सु ब्रह्मविद्यायां योगशास्त्रे श्रीकृष्णार्जुनसंवादेऽर्जुनविषादयोगो नाम प्रथमोऽध्यायः।। *अध्याय- 1 श्लोक- 47* Download Bhagavad Gita App: https://play.googl

  • What Is A Bona Fide Source For Spiritual Knowledge

    “Shri Narada Muni personally experienced that the most feasible and practical way to open the path of salvation or get relief from all miseries of life is to hear submissively the transcendental activities of the Lord from the right and bona fide sources.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Shrimad Bhagavatam, 1.5.32 Purport) Download this episode (right click and… […]

  • Episode # 9 – Introduction to MAHABHARATA Part 9 – Entering into the “Aadhi Parva”!!!

    In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Veda-Vyaasa sitting on the top of Badrinath Kshetra amidst a tunnel and writing the Mahabharata text. As Sage Vyaasa was writing the text, the River Saraswati which was running with a lot of fury was causing a sort of a disturbance to him. Annoyed by this, Sage […]

  • भगवद् गीता विचार

    *|| भगवद् गीता विचार ||* यदि मुझ शस्त्ररहित एवं सामना न करने वाले को शस्त्र हाथ में लिए हुए धृतराष्ट्र के पुत्र रण में मार डालें तो वह मारना भी मेरे लिए अधिक कल्याणकारक होगा। *अध्याय- 1 श्लोक- 46* Download Bhagavad Gita App:

  • – Globaliștii vor exterminarea omenirii –

    30.iulie.2021  „Populația lumii este: 7.874.965.825 persoane (7,8 miliarde) Cercetătorii susțin că 27,1% din populația lumii a fost deja vaccinată împotriva Covid-19. – Dacă datele sunt corecte, aceasta înseamnă că 2,1 miliarde de persoane au fost deja vaccinate. Potrivit unor cercetători, decesele cauzate de vaccin vor avea loc în următorii 3-10 ani datorită faptului că sistemul […]

  • – The globalists want the extermination of humanity – – The Man from the North,nv,elem

  • Four Ways I Can Deliver The Truth

    “Shrimati Kunti Devi has prayed to the Lord just to enunciate a fragment of His glories. All His devotees worship Him in that way, by chosen words, and therefore the Lord is known as Uttamashloka. No amount of chosen words is sufficient to enumerate the Lord’s glory, and yet He is satisfied by such prayers… […]

  • FORMER PFIZER EMPLOYEE SPEAKS OUT ON DEADLY COVID VAX ‘BIOWEAPONS’: „They’re Just Seeing How Much They Can Put Into People Before They Die.”

    “All of the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are bioweapons. Graphene oxide is not listed in the patent applications because it is poisonous to humans, and because it is the main ingredient in the hydrogel which can be used to create a brain-computer interface and a drug delivery system. There are 4 ‘lipid’ nanoparticles in the COVID-19 vaccines. […]

  • Episode # 8 – Introduction to MAHABHARATA Part 8 – Sage Vyasa curses River Saraswati!!!

    In the previous episode, we had witnessed that the Mahabharata is nothing but a detailed conversation between Sage Vaishampayana and King Janame-Jaya. We’ve witnessed that King Janame-Jaya was the son of King Parikshit, who engaged with a pivotal conversation with Sage Shukaachaarya, that resulted in the great “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana”. King Parikshit, as we might […]

  • Shrila Prabhupada Teachings-Quotes 💐💐💐

    Śrīla Prabhupāda said: In the Śrī Īśopaniṣad this same spirit is described as follows: “Whatever we see existing throughout the universe is intrinsically the property of the supreme enjoyer, and one may enjoy a thing that is kindly given by Him, but one must never touch the property of others.” Message of Godhead-His Divine Grace […]

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