Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1

TEXT 29-31

vepathuśh cha śharīre me roma-harṣhaśh cha jāyate gāṇḍīvaṁ sraṁsate hastāt tvak chaiva paridahyate na cha śhaknomy avasthātuṁ bhramatīva cha me manaḥ nimittāni cha paśhyāmi viparītāni keśhava na cha śhreyo ’nupaśhyāmi hatvā sva-janam āhave

My whole body shudders; my hair is standing on end. My bow, the Gāṇḍīv, is slipping from my hand, and my skin is burning all over. My mind is in quandary and whirling in confusion; I am unable to hold myself steady any longer. O Krishna, killer of the Keshi demon, I only see omens of misfortune. I do not foresee how any good can come from killing my own kinsmen in this battle. ~ Chapter 1 Verse 29 – 31 Shared via Daily Bhagavat Gita – English App.

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