Day: June 16, 2021

  • Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1

    tatrāpaśhyat sthitān pārthaḥ pitṝīn atha pitāmahān āchāryān mātulān bhrātṝīn putrān pautrān sakhīṁs tathā śhvaśhurān suhṛidaśh chaiva senayor ubhayor api There, Arjun could see stationed in both armies, his fathers, grandfathers, teachers, maternal uncles, brothers, cousins, sons, nephews, grand-nephews, friends, fathers-in-law, and well-wishers. ~ Chapter 1 Verse 26 Shared via Daily Bhagavat Gita – English App.

  • भगवद् गीता विचार

    *|| भगवद् गीता विचार ||* जो पुरुष सम्पूर्ण कामनाओं को त्याग कर ममतारहित, अहंकाररहित और स्पृहारहित हुआ विचरता है, वही शांति को प्राप्त होता है अर्थात वह शान्ति को प्राप्त है। *अध्याय- 2 श्लोक- 71* Download Bhagavad Gita App:

  • Life After The End

    “After attaining Me, the great souls, who are yogis in devotion, never return to this temporary world, which is full of miseries, because they have attained the highest perfection.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 8.15) Download this episode (right click and save) माम् उपेत्य पुनर् जन्म दुःखालयम् अशाश्वतम् नाप्नुवन्ति महात्मानः संसिद्धिं परमां गताः mām upetya punar janma… […]

  • Episode # 222 – Bhagawan Bala-Krishna enters Mathura city after ten long years!!!

    In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Bala-Krishna entering inside Mathura city for the first time after ten long years of His divine incarnation. Readers might remember well that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was taken away from the Mathura jail by His father, Vasudeva overnight immediately after His divine incarnation. Vasudeva took Bhagawan Bala-Krishna all the […]

  • Shrila Prabhupada Teachings-Quotes 💐💐💐

    Śrīla Prabhupāda said: We must know the nature of those temporary states of material happiness and distress. It would be sheer stupidity to ignore them, or to remain indifferent in matters concerning the spirit soul, around which the material body and mind exist. In fact, if one is fortunate enough to understand the happiness and […]

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