Padmapada – Adi Sankara’s disciple — naadopaasana

Sanandana was a very bright and intelligent boy from the southern part of Bharat. After he finished his initial studies in his hometown he decided to lead an ascetic life and travelled all the way to Kashi to meet a Guru under whose guidance he can progress further in his spiritual pursuits. At that time… Padmapada… Continue reading Padmapada – Adi Sankara’s disciple — naadopaasana

Panch Prayag – Its Significance — naadopaasana

[This post features the significance of Pancha Prayag. The significance of Prayag Raj will be posted on Saturday- 27th June 2020!] PRAYAG : Ya means moving; Ga means knowledge. Yag or Yaga (or Yagna) means to move ahead with knowledge. Pra means special or total or complete. Therefore, PRAYAG means to move forward in life… Panch… Continue reading Panch Prayag – Its Significance — naadopaasana

Two Ways Of Dealing With The Diseased Condition — Krishna’s Mercy

“The child cries to have the moon from the mother, and the mother gives the child a mirror to satisfy the crying and disturbing child with the reflection of the moon. Similarly, the crying child of the Lord is given over to the reflection, the material world, to lord it over as karmi and to […]… Continue reading Two Ways Of Dealing With The Diseased Condition — Krishna’s Mercy

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